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Dear Bucker Friends,
Either Biplane or Monoplane Pilots, all of you!

Due to the great interest in our wonderful Airplanes and the success of the last meetings, the Aeroclub Hof e.V. and I have been asked to repeat the 2015 event and organize the next meeting here in Hof-Plauen EDQM from the 31.5/2.6.2016 as follows.

Walter Wimmer



Early Bird Friday

Free arrival to your liking and flights as you want into the previous East Germany, resp. the Czech Republic. No flight plans required.

Departure to joint Dinner in a typical Franconian Beer garden. Meeting point is the large rolling main entry gate.
Joint Overnight stay in Hof Quality-Hotel



Arrival (or earlier)
Fuel-up either AvGas from the official Pump or 98 Oct MoGas Super-Plus from the Club.

Welcome und Briefing for our sightseeing flight to the south over the wonderful Fichtelgebirge Mountains into the Czech Republic. We will fly in Groups of 3’.

Aerobatics competition:
If there is enough Interest we will perform a quick Aerobatics Competition in a box to the northwest of the airfield. Please let me know in time.

Take–off for the sightseeing flight Into the Fichtelmountains in, in flights of three and only the respective flight leader will talk and towards the Czech Böhmerwald towards the historical airfield of Eger/Cheb/LKCB.
We will be taking off in Hof from either the hard runway or the grass. Remark, the use of the grass in Hof will be considered an Off-Site landing and will require the previous permission be the airport and the local government agencies. We will help you with that and also take care of the fees.

We will land in Eger based on the invitation of the small club there for coffee and cake. No cones, sorry. I’m asking you for a small donation as this is a very small club and the get not much support.
By the way, this airfield had 2 years ago its 100’ anniversary, and it was used by 3 Governments:;
1.Austria-Hungarian Army,
2.German Luftwaffe who built the runway as a repair and modification station for the Me-262 jets until ’45,
3. Czech air force for a while after runway repairs. All buildings were destroyed then by U.S. Air-Force. 4. Now all that is history and purely Civil operations.
- We will probably land on Grass and park on the hard surface. They have only very limited MoGas fuel available.
- Eger is called via CHEB RADIO at 122,002, in either English or German, and Czech of course. Remember, only the flight leader talks.

flight time ca. 25 minutes. Landing on the hard or the grass runway, based on your status of permission.
- Please note that there are 3 small taxiways to enter the hard runway from the grass.
- Park your Plane for the night. There should be sufficient Hangar space for all of us. Use the help of the troops on the ground.

Departure to our Hotel-Quality. There should be a Bus leaving from the big entry gate.

Joint dinner at the hotel.(Order and Pay for yourself). Acrobatic award ceremony.



Departure by bus from the Hotel entrance to the airport.
If any of you wants to drive by taxi on his own +49-9281-3033.
Alternative aerobatic competition and award ceremony.


Walter Wimmer
Wartleite 10b
95189 Köditz                     
mobile: +49 176 704 9720